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The Foundational Healing Deliverance Prayer Ministry started in the heart of Prophet Paul some ten years ago while hidden in Christ. I needed to heal from the damage from the world as I would transition into life as a Believer.

During my time of isolation, I had experienced many supernatural visitations, however, what stands out is an intense desire was given to me to the point that I would search to learn the things of God day in and day out.

For weeks I would read the Bible from the early morning until the sun went down. All I wanted was God, because of my hunger the lord presence would fill my apartment.

Literally the room would be foggy from the Shekinah Glory. The next stage of growth would be that of the Holy Spirit training me in dreams and visions along which Included dreams that were divine in nature or satanic attacks in the dream that would occur more than Heavenly ones.

The negative dreams were an assignment from Satan to introduce fear into my soul in an attempt to lead back into the world. For example if someone was delivered from cigarettes by way of the anointing or by the vocation of the will, these people such as myself would be tempted in the dream to smoke. As some would find themselves smoking in the dream.

To smoke in the dream have many different revelations of spiritual attacks upon one’s life , however I’m speaking here of the direct attack on a person’s soul with an objective to remote control them back into bondage.

It would be through the Gift Of Discerning Of Spirits that I would successfully overcome these spiritual attacks that would allow me later in life to help others understand the dark operations of the night from the demonic realm which would lead to Deliverance. 

Another name for this type of Deliverance that involves removing demons from the body is called Prophetic Deliverance. The lord would send Prominent Men and Women in my life at specific times that would further cultivate the Gifts of the spirit that I would flow in them properly.

Our Ministry Drive is for the people of God. Those that are tormented by demons and are led to believe that the Power of God does not exist anymore. This is a lie! 

The present situation you have found yourself in does have an expiration date. I’m here to tell you that Jesus Loves you and desires to set you from any and all diseases, emotional distress, family curses to name a few.

We at FHDPM Prayer Ministry minister the Love of Christ with a vengeance and zeal to deliver you in Jesus Mighty Name.  You must experience The Anointed Healing School . Click on the Blue Button in lower right bottom page for more details about Deliverance Session and or Again FHDPM healing School


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