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Experience The Tangibile Presense Of God In Your life. Jesus has already laid The Foundation To Release You From Satanic Chains Of Bondage. Call and Schedule A One on One With Us! Be Free From all  Hidden Works Of Darkness

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There are many books online in general about the Prophetic Ministry, Demonology, and how to wage spiritual warfare in the spirit realm. What I’m saying speaking is from personal experience by way of overcoming so many countless witchcraft attacks yet, the Holy Spirit was always behind the scene training and leading me along the way, outside of the few Mentors that the Lord had sent to cultivate me. It’s a personal conviction that I have. 

That conviction is to see the people of God blessed beyond any Book. I again don’t have an issue with books, because I have begun to write some as well. Keep your books but also have the opportunity to learn 1st hand either over a live video feed or in person. I believe you should experience the Power of God in your life.

 I stand on nothing but Faith to declare that your life will never be the same again. The Holy Spirit reveals years of bondage through the gift of discerning of Spirits.

 Although we are responsible for most of the satanic entrapment mainly just from being born into a sinful world and growing up making the same poor decisions as those within our environment I come to learn that most of the problems that are destroying generations through sickness and diseases have been enforced many years prior to you even manifesting on earth.

No chance of survival if your spiritual enemy had his way… Jesus destroys the works of the devil in order for you, and I to walk in the fullness of his image and power




What is Discernment?
Discernment is defined, in the modern secular sense, as “the faculty of discerning; discrimination; acuteness of judgment and understanding” by Fundamentally, discernment is the ability to judge well. Whether its choices we make or people we interact with, discernment is the gift of recognizing the moral and practical consequences of our decisions.

Discernment is diffrent from having  the Gift  Gift iscerning of spirits.  Some would say that Discernment is a Gift of the spirit beacause ,one who has discernment can distinguish , judge right from wrong by what a person is saying or what feeling an environment is expressing. defines what is discernment

Discerning Of Spirits is a supernatural sensing. The 9 Gifts Of The Spirits includes the gift of discerning of spirits.  While in demonstation of the gift of discerning of Spirits , outside of my Body becoming extremely sensative to internal pain of another inorder to confirm that there is a specific need of healing that indivuals need within there body.

Nevertheless. I will have a divine knowing of what spirit is functioning behind a physical appeareance that is presenting its self as harmless when that not truthful. 

This is why the Leading of the Holy Spirit is important , becuase the spiritual realm can never be aproached with a natural mind. for example people who are under a curese that they are not aware of will be seen walking in an oposite direction from the desired destiniation. This simple example is just how mysterious witchcraft attacks is. 

Recieveing Deliverance by which the anointing of the Holy Spirit will enter your body and begin to set you free from all satanic attacks that you are consciously and un consciously aware of. At the bottom right of screen you may connect with FHDPM imediately by clicking on the blue icon.

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