What the bible says about a witchcraft curse is an excellent question? I plan on removing the confusion from the topic in general. Witchcraft curse for some people is just a word but the thought of evil curses being placed on someone can seem like a lie, however, those whose lives have already been destroyed or are currently being destroyed would say that witchcraft is real. Witchcraft desires to operate in secret, but the Holy Spirit’s job is to expose all levels of black magic.

The Holy Spirit brings unseen darkness into the light. Witchcraft Spirits can sit in one generation for decades with an assignment to bring all into total bondage of what is called a witchcraft prison.

Black magic falls under the header of witchcraft, although according to my experience administering the power of God through deliverance prayer, black magic and sorcery seemed to be the most demonically potent witchcraft spell. Seek Deliverance today. We can help you over demons from the underworld .

Here is a scripture from the Bible about witchcraft; Leviticus 19:31 reads do not turn to mediums or necromancers: do not seek them out, and make yourselves unclean by them: I Am the Lord your God. By the way, Two types of spirits currently exist in our world today.

The two spirits are God’s Spirit and the Devil spirit. The Devil’s Spirit will not last forever. It’s obvious to think that someone would be smart enough not to choose witchcraft as a solution to a life’s problem, right! I sometimes think about how a person would rather seek someone who claims to have an answer from a God they have no relationship with whose only intention is to mislead you to destruction.

The Bible is very clear about Witchcraft. It seems that as we as humans progress through life, man’s thoughts and desires are becoming more wicked. The Spirit of Jealousy has even driven our very own family members to consult necromancers as a quick means of becoming rich or to go as low as to hire someone to cast an evil spell against us to destroy the things we work so hard for.

Witchcraft Curse can also cause sickness and disease. One of the easiest ways of discerning operation witchcraft is to have noticed an individual has gone to the doctor for some mysterious sickness that showed up out of nowhere.

The doctor’s findings would be that of nothing even when the victim of a witchcraft attack keeps complaining of specific pain, the doctor can only prescribe some type of medication or administer some other type of medical procedure to try to help manage the present pain.

So often when Doctors are unable to help a person, the person will attempt to seek people who are possessed with evil spirits for help. How can someone go to a witch for medical consultation which the bible considers the witch to be defiled and headed for their very own demise, being that every Man would be Judged by God in the end

What the Bible Says About Witchcraft

Spiritualism Explained

A spiritualist is said to be able to contact the dead people in the afterlife. A Spiritualist Job is to be a liaison between what’s visible to correspond with the invisible. Witchcraft simply falls under one categorization as Wicca. Wicca is accepted in today’s society as a genuine religion. Whatever right is Given to a church here in the USA will not exclude Wicca from having a right to worship a God of its choice. There are so many scenarios that have brought millions of people to obtain help from a Spiritualist. I have written a few common reasons why people seek Mediums below

  1.  Questions Concerning Love Life
  2.  Guidance in the Next Career Decision
  3.  Families wanting answers to suspicious deaths of loved one’s
  4.  People wanting to know the unknown about the future

Where Is My Spirit

It’s by the human Spirit creativity, intellect, fears, and emotions are expressed. Parents named you at the birth that you will be distinguished from all the people within the universe known as an individual, a force of life that will continue to grow to mentally develop his or her own ability to think to make rational decisions.

When your name is called, those around you can select you from a mental image of their own. People have their own thoughts and perceptions of you because they have made a connection with you physically. A person’s presence can be felt or remembered.

The Human Spirit is divine. This reminds me to ask if you dream when asleep at night. Our dreams are not just produced from a day and heart full of previous activity from the day before. Take a mental note of how upon going to sleep to being awakened that you are rejuvenated to take on a new day with fresh thoughts and energy.

Does not matter if your dreams were good or bad but is an indication of your Spirits activity throughout the night while the body was at rest. Witchcraft spirit main purpose is to gain full control over the human spirit.

Aren’t you able to mentally identify your dream, place yourself in a storyline within the dream? yet you were dreaming, involved in the dream spiritually, while at the same time observing the dream from a third-person view. This is what a Spirit is, it’s the real you that has the breath of life.

To dream about witchcraft attacking you

To Dream About Witchcraft Curse Attacking You

Now we can begin to go deeper into the spirit realm to expose any hidden works of darkness of satan that is fighting you in the dream realm. So many people go about their day dismissing either a warning from God about incoming danger.

The transition from a non-believer to a believer involves the human spirit. The Spirit God enters into Man’s body so that God can enable the person to understand inspiration, motivations, and Divine instructions, from himself, considering that we are living in a world of darkness.

To overcome dreams of witchcraft is understood how the lord will teach you to get over too much sleep. Witchcraft waits for a person to go to sleep so that Satanists along with demons can try to secretly program destruction, failure, and sickness into people’s bodies; hoping the person awakes to pass the dream off as if it were nothing allowing the percentage of possibilities of the planned attack to materialize.

7 Most common dreams Indicating Witchcraft attacks

  • Eating food with dead relatives in the dream
  • Fighting in dream
  • Talking to Dogs in the dream
  • Receiving an injection of a needle in the dream
  • Trying to retrieve lost items in the dream
  • Sexual Intercourse in the dream
  • finding yourself running from dogs

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I can only write but so much on this topic of to dream about witchcraft attacking you. Jesus must be lord over your life in order to fully overcome witchcraft attacks in the dream. Today is the day that you begin to stand your ground and take action by receiving deliverance. Deliverance will remove whatever demons are hiding in the body to cause you to have no peace. Jesus desires to set you free today. You may connect with the Foundational Healing Deliverance Prayer Ministry anytime by clicking on the blue icon on the home page bottom right, or simply leave us a message. Its time for you and your family to overcome witchcraft spirits.

What The Bible Say About Witchcraft
What the bible say about witchcraft curse is an excellent question? I plan on removing the confusion from